Simple Ways to Cut Down on Your Car’s Gas Bill

cut gasoline costsThe costs of fuel makes a significant dent in your weekly budget, so here are some simple ideas to help keep the costs down and it will help the planet too.

A few simple adjustments will help you to reduce the cost of fuel for your car.

Plan Ahead

Cut down on Unnecessary Journeys. Keep a note of the various errands you have to do and try to do them all in one journey.

Walk – When possible walk instead of taking the car on short journeys

Consider Car Sharing. If four of you travel to work together you can share the cost and share the driving.

Consider Public Transport. For longer journeys it may be possible to travel more quickly and cheaply by train. It will avoid wear and tear to your car, you can work on you laptop during the journey and it will be less stressful than driving. In UK you can get some very good deals if you book ahead.

There are several websites that enable you to find the best deals and to book your tickets online. My favorite site is Cross Country Trains because there is no booking fee, it is user friendly, it is easy to find and book the best deals for any train operator and you can print a timetable for the day of travel even if you will be traveling with another train operator.

Get Organized

Don’t Carry Unnecessary Junk. Heavy loads increase the amount of fuel consumption so only carry the things you need in your car. That’s why more and more cars are made from things like plastic and fiberglass strut and unistrut to keep weight down.

Remove the Roof Box or roof rack when not in use, a roof box creates drag so a car with a roof box will use more fuel.

Check Tires Regularly. Keeping the tires at the pressure recommended for your vehicle will enable the car to run more efficiently. Incorrect tire pressure is a significant cause of excess fuel consumption and it reduces the life of the tire.

Shop Around. Don’t leave it until you are almost out of fuel before you refill the tank, it is bad for the car and it limits your choice. Fuel prices vary, so refuel when you see a good deal.

Keep the Car Well Maintained. Don’t cut corners on routine maintenance, a well maintained vehicle will run more efficiently. Use fuel injection cleaners to keep your engine running smoothly.

Drive Sensibly

Accelerate steadily and break gently it uses less fuel

Turn down the air conditioning or heating. This will use less fuel.

Avoid Traffic Jams. Try to take the most direct route, but where possible avoid congested routes, sitting in traffic queues with the your engine idling is a waste of fuel.

Observe the Speed Limit. Cutting your speed back a little will save fuel.

As well as saving some money your efforts will be good for the environment.

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