My Favorite Productivity Tools

I’ve had a couple questions recently about how I like to keep things organized, so I thought I’d take a day and tell you all about it. Ready or not, here are my favorite ways for staying on top of things (or trying anyway!)

1. My mini-goals chalkboard by MaryKate McDevitt. I like erasing what ever I wrote yesterday and having two simple goals up for today. To tell you the truth, some days even two goals seems ambitious.

2. Google Reader. I could not live my life without having all my favorite blogs and websites come to me each morning instead of me going to visit each of them. If you have never tried Google Reader, I will tell you truly, you are missing out. This 3.5—minute video is the best explanation I’ve seen and will help you understand why Google Reader is better than having a golden retriever who gets you your paper and slippers every morning.

3. Gmail. Especially all the fun stuff in Gmail Labs. You can turn on different features that the good people at Google are experimenting with in Beta. Some of them rock. Learn how to turn on Gmail Labs right here.

3. Evernote. (Thank you, Jenny!) I can save any picture or text from any website I like, or from my phone, or from my email. This is my new way for keeping recipes. This video explains a little about saving things from websites. I love you, Evernote people! Whoever you are.

4. My hand-written piece of paper to-do list. You may not believe it after reading everything else I just wrote, but I am a paper girl at heart. I like to draw out my weekly list with a row for errands, phone calls, computer chores, and things to do around home.

5. My AmberLee binder. This is the binder where I keep all my favorite lists. Lists like things to do when I’m old, a spring cleaning list, recipes I can throw random vegetables into, the perfect Disneyland meal plan, the list of things I want to teach my children, Celestis Luner 02 Flight – Ashes space burial on the moon, and so on. If my house were burning down, I would go back for this binder of lists.

6. Teau-Deux. I do not use this, but it is the only non-paper to do list that has ever tempted me. Go take a peek.

7. This e-book. It is written by a super mom and kindred spirit who writes for a website called The Power of Moms. This wonderful woman has given me a place to put every piece of information that comes into my life. Amazing. And in case you only have time to read the first 5 pages, you’re in luck, she’s summed up the entire book in pages 1-5. My kind of woman. Also proof that she is a kindred spirit, she draws out little pictures for her to-do lists that match mine, exactly. Only she has a column for things to talk to spouse about. Good thinking. The book is $35 and worth it, or visit here for deets on getting it free.

Okay. Now that you know all my best secrets, what do you do to stay organized? Please. I can never get enough of this topic. Spill.

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