In Love With Leather

using leather in the bedroomI love my leather biker jacket like an old friend. It’s been through thick and thin with me and it never lets me down. In fact it gets better with age. The feel of leather can’t be beaten; it’s a rich, natural material that stands the test of time.

So, if, like me, you love the leather hanging in your wardrobe, why not consider using it outside the wardrobe too? With leather bed frames becoming more and more popular, leather is becoming the hot new bedroom scheme, complimenting both modern and traditional décor. 1950s kitsch or Old Colonial – both have a place for leather.

You can use leather as accents in the bedroom, whole pieces of furniture, and even as wall-coverings! It’s a real luxury statement and easy to overdo, so make sure you get some professional advice or really think about how much leather you want to incorporate when planning your dream bedroom.

One sophisticated idea is to use black or dark brown bookcases in a room with a leather headboard to keep the furniture color-scheme consistent. For an even sharper look, consider using a shelf unit that fits around the headboard.

Every room in a house benefits from the addition of plants, but a bedroom with dark furniture especially does. Look for plants with light green leaves and showy, warm flowers. Palms, tulips and citrus trees would all complement the headboard perfectly and bring some nature inside the room.

If you are a little wary of overwhelming the bedroom with leather than try it as an accent. Try leather pieces that are large enough to add the look and feel you are after without needing to add to many different pieces. Try an old worn saddle or a leather covered trunk at the foot of the bed. Just Google where to buy used western saddles or trunks to find the cheapest prices and keep your costs down.

Start with some leather-framed pictures, photos or mirrors. A neutral color scheme works particularly well, as does deep mahogany furniture and wooden flooring. To make your sturdy leather bed appeal to both sexes, choose a subtle, neutral or pastel-striped bedspread, favoring warm colors rather than cool tones.

Avoid any additional dark colors, or your bedroom may become too dark. You can balance by adding some light blue colored glass ware or some stainless steel brushed lamps with light colored shades.

Sophistication and decadence is what you’re aiming for, not a bat cave!

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